Plastic Tales From The Marshmallow Dimention

Playlist October 2002


60s/70s reissues played...

 Buffalo Springfield - "Box Set" (Rhino) CD

 The Byrds - "The Preflyte Sessions" (Sundazed) CD

 Caravan - "Where But For Caravan Would I" (Decca) CD

 Cryan Shames - "A Scratch In The Sky" (Sundazed) CD

 Czar - "S/T" ( Fontana ) LP

 Dancer - "Tales Of The Riverbank" (Kissing Spell) CD

 The Dovers - "The Complete Singles Collection" ( Misty Lane ) 10"

 Giles, Giles & Fripp - "Metamorphosis" (Tenth Planet) LP

 The Guess Who - "Shakin' All Over!" (Sundazed) CD

 Hapshash & The Colored Coat - "S/T" (Akarma) CD

 Ivory - "S/T" (Gear Fab) CD

 Los Shakers - "Por Favor!" (Big Beat) CD

 Matching Mole - "March" (Cuneiform) CD

 Proto-Kaw - "Early Recordings From Kansas 1971-1973" (Cuneiform) CD

 Pussy - "Plays" (Edsel) CD

 Teddy and the Pandas - "Basic Magnetism" (NorthShore Soundworks) CD-R

 Waterloo - "First Battle " (Thorns Backtrack Archive) LP

 V/A - "Arf! Arf! [El Cheapo] 2-CD Sampler" (Arf! Arf!) CD

 V/A - "Basementville! Vol 2 Brazil " ( Misty Lane ) LP

 V/A - "Downer-Rock Genocide" (Audio Archives) CD

 V/A - "Hava Narghile" (Bacchus Archives) CD

 V/A - "Hot Smoke & Sassafras" (Sanctuary) CD

 V/A - "In Search Of The Orgiastic Flashtastic PsychSpastic Groove" (Waterpipe) LP

 V/A - " Northwest Battle of the Bands! Volume One" (Big Beat) CD

 V/A - " Northwest Battle of the Bands! Volume Two" (Big Beat) CD

 V/A - "Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond" (Rhino) CD


New releases played...

 Baby Woodrose - "Blows Your Mind!" (Pan) CD

 The Bevis Frond - "Inner Marshland" (Rubric) CD

 The Bevis Frond - "Miasma" (Rubric) CD

 The Bevis Frond - "Triptych" (Rubric) CD

 The Bevis Frond - "What Did For The Dinosaurs" (Woronzow/Rubric) CD

 The Coffin Daggers - "S/T" (Crypto-Sound) CD

 The Cynics - "Living Is The Best Revenge" (Get Hip) CD

 The Datson Four - "See!" (Off The Hip) CD

 The Dipsomaniacs - "The Tremelo Of Her Mindů The Strings Of Her Soul" (Free City Media) CD

 The Downbeat 5 - "Mirage" () CD-R

 The Frantic Five - "It's Frantic Time!" (Teen Sound) 10"

 Gore Gore Girls - "Up All Night" (Get Hip) CD

 The Kaisers - "Shake Me!" (Get Hip) CD

 Lamp Of The Universe - "Echo In Light" (Cranium) CD

 The Lucky Bishops - "Grimstone" (Woronzow) CD

 Muck And The Mires - "All Mucked Up" (Amp) CD

 The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - "Space & Time" (Hidden Agenda) CD

 Purple Overdose - "Exit #4" (Pegasus) CD

 Purple Overdose - "Reborn" () CD

 The Resonars - "Lunar Kit" (Get Hip) CD

 The Risk - "Songs From The Big Tomato" (Twist) CD

 The Snakes - "Peel Slowly" (Bomp!) CD

 The Solar Flares - "That Was Thenů And So Is This" (Twist) CD

 Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - "Jet Sound Inc." (Dionysus) CD

 Uptight - "The Hitman E.P." () CD-R

 The Volta Sound - "My All American Girl" ( Orange Sky) CD

 V/A - "Best Of Little Steven's Cavestomp Garage Rock Band Search - Vol 1" (Cavestomp!) CD

 V/A - "International League Of Telepathic Explorers" (Free City Media) CD

 V/A - "Off The Hip - Vol 3" (Off The Hip) CD


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