WNYU DJ Top 10 list for 1997

Lawrence Lui (WNYU Didjilution Producer and Host)

  1. Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus" (Rawkus)
  2. Arthur Doyle "Do the Breakdown" (Ain Soph)
  3. Storm And Stress "Storm And Stress" (Touch & Go)
  4. Portishead "Portishead" (London)
  5. High Rise "Psychedelic Speed Freaks" (Timebomb)
  6. Rehberg and Bauer "Fasst" (Touch)
  7. Primal Scream "Vanishing Point" (Reprise)
  8. Grandaddy "Under the Western Freeway" (Will)
  9. Prototype 909 "Joined at the Head" (Caipirinha)
  10. V/A "LA Confidential Soundtrack" (Restless)

Describe 1997 in one word: Yee

Prediction for 1998: the fall of 'electronica', the rise of underground hip hop.

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