WNYU DJ Top 10 list for 1997

Melissa Checker (aka DJ Curmudgeon / DJ Spacey - WNYU New Afternoon Show Host)

  1. Simon Joyner -Songs for the New Year
  2. John Davis-Blue Mountains
  3. Yo La Tengo-I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One
  4. Chris Knox-Yes!
  5. Sleater-Kinney -Dig Me Out
  6. Velvet Underground-Loaded
  7. Freakwater-Dancing Under Water
  8. V/A -Rhythm Blues Beat
  9. V/A-Goin’ Down South (Alan Lomax Compilation)
  10. Blazing Rains-S/T

 Describe 1997 in one word: HYSTERIA!

Prediction for 1998: Succumbing to constant heckling from a certain DJ, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion finally breaks up!

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