1998 Top 10 List


DJ Dine (WNYU The Candy Store - Co-host)

  1. STARDUST-The Music Sounds Better With You-Roule
  3. MAW-Odyssey-Maw
  4. JOSI NUNEZ-I Can't Get High Without You-Subliminal
  5. GHETTO KIDS-Ghetto Kids-Newborn
  6. LOUIS SALINAS-Prenso En Ti-Maw
  7. ULTRA NATE-Found A Cure-Strictly Rhythm
  8. MOUSE T (featuring INAYA DAY)-Horny (remix)-Peppermint Jam
  9. JANET JACKSON-Go Deep-Virgin
  10. MAW (featuring INDIA)-To Be In Love-Maw


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