1998 Top 10 List


Douglas Wolk (Dark Beloved Cloud Records)

  1. BOREDOMS -Super Ae -(Birdman)
  2. VARIOUS ARTISTS -James Brown's Original Funky Divas -(Polydor Chronicles)
  3. BIRDYAK -Live In London, 1/20/98-
  4. PRIMAL SCREAM/MY BLOODY VALENTINE ARKESTRA -"If They Move Kill 'Em" (5")-(Creation (UK))
  5. THE FALL -Live And Violent At Brownies, NYC, 4/7/98-
  6. CHRIS WATSON -Outside The Circle Of Fire -(Touch (UK))
  7. V/A-The entire Terrastock II festival-
  8. SHARON JONES -"You Better Think Twice" (7") -(Desco)
  9. PELT -For Michael Hannas -(VHF)
  10. VARIOUS ARTISTS -Ethiopiques 3 -(Buda Musique (France))


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