1998 Top 10 List


Chris (Sing, Eunuchs! Records)


1. BOB DYLAN: Royal Albert Hall CD (Columbia)

2. DUMP: That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice tape (Shrimper)

3. BRYAN MACLEAN: Ifyoubelievein LP (Sundazed)

4. ARTHUR DOYLE+4: Alabama Feeling Reissue CD (DRA)

5. CREATION: comp LPs (Retroactive)

6. EDITH FROST: Telescopic LP (Drag City)

7. LAMBCHOP: What Another Man Spills CD (Merge)

8. TWINKEYZ: Aliens in Our Midst CD (Anopheles)

9. NOTHING PAINTED BLUE: The Monte Carlo Method LP (Scat)

10. BARBARA MANNING: In New Zealand LP (Communion


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