1998 Top 10 List


MV (of The Tower Recordings)


1. joshua "life less lost" feather one's nest records

stunningly beautiful in execution from tones to the b&w "pyramid"

package, the gentle sounds of things gone and things still here.

2. the golden calves money band "s/t" mother tongue

the corn spirit as an animal in fullwheat-wolf pixle acoustical fantasy.

titles to rob the early tyrannosaurus rex/fuzz free fresh maggots crowned

planetarium. exceptional.

3. the six organs of admittance "s/t" pavilion records

earth house hold is as he appeared to be keeping warm, homing music that

is toward an organized universe; capable of healing those separation blues.

4. the shadow ring "hold onto I.D." siltbreeze records

what can I say, masters of castle form, a custom of leek in milk and the

new loaves being eaten two hundred years ago at sea, and at the present

day. massive spiritual blare.

5. davis redford triad "the mystical path of the number 86" holy mountain

aerial chelsea guitars of wonderland, a connoisseurs' guide to the

ouspensky universe riddled by vintners speedball astrology.

6. dean roberts "all cracked medias" mille plateaux

where-of a "t-zero" metaplane can synchronize van vogt style, tutelar

music for tuberous people.

7. hall of fame "coliseum rising" amish records

if we train/trane we must fix ourselves and if taoists had a saying for

leap year this is it. glittering wonderama for the soul crane beneath me

and the cosmos. a fabulous primrose sonic decorum.

8. gabriel walsh "follies brood" 16mm fil-handmade productions

total demure beauty with that inexplicable "otherworldly" character.

eyebeams of jealous candor reach a moire zone of arcane weirdom gilded and

quietly rushing with passion, pathos and virility.

9. ID battery "unique ancient tavern" ecstatic yod

the fatal law of magic and religion distilled via private excursions in

decomposition. another class of the futurity worship. beautiful.

10. the wyld olde souls "poems from the astral plane" parallel world

rosette in speech and outsider arcades. truly organic has grown in their

hair, from the best label in america.


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