1998 Top 10 List


Bob Weyersberg (Triage)

  1. ALGEBRA SPAGHETTI compilation on siesta - spain
  2. THE MOPEDS advance e.p. (not the philly band "MOPED", though they were good, too!) on nons - sweden
  3. BLOND self-titled on payola - germany
  4. THE GUNGA DIN _introducing the gunga din_ on tractor beam
  5. DIONYSOS _the sun is blue like the eggs in winter_ on noise product -switzerland
  6. TARWATER _rabbit moon revisited_ on kitty yo - germany (but some chicago also released it here)
  7. BART AND FRIENDS compilation on drive in
  8. LESSER/KID 606 split on vinyl communications
  9. URI CRANE/WINTER & WINTER reworking GUSTAF MAHLER on new edition
  10. APRIL MARCH (new c.d.) on ideal


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