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Artist--Song Title--Album Title--Label:

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Macolm Clarke--Bathtime--BBC RadioPhonic Workshop--(BBC)
Freeform--Stander--Prowl EP (Warp)
Kuchen meets Mapstation--St. Tropez--s/t--(Karaoke Kalk)
Biosphere--Still Light--Money Will Ruin everything compilation--(Rune 
Scanner & Stephen Vitiello--#1--Invisible Architecture 
Tod Dockstader--#3--8 Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
Nick Forte--Green Language--Pasted Lakes--(Schematic)
Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Aki Onda--2/16--Meeting Off-Site 
Vol. 2 compilation--(Improvised Music)
Rhythm and Sound--Hit You Version--Versions compilation--(Basic 
Channel/ Burial Mix)
bserving Systems--(Morr)
Fennesz--Live in Japan--Live in Japan--(Dat/Headz)
Riccardo Villalobos--fools Garden--Alcachofa--(Playhouse)


Richard Devine--Floccus--Asect:Dsect--(Schematic)
Rhythm and Sound--Mush Down Version--Versions--(Basic Channel)
2nd Gen--Evox-Flicknives--(Quatermass)
Fabrique De Couleurs--Benjor--Imite Moi--(Dorodine)
Byetone--Fremd--Feld--(Bine Music)
Resina--JeninBophal--Opinio Omnium--(Mousikelab)
JD Robb--Green Mansions - Abel and Rima--Rhythmania--(Locust Music)
Toby Reynolds rmx of Voice Crack-- Voice Crack Remixes--(Ambush)
Duul_drv--Following Inside a Wave--Object Set and Motion--(Apestaartje)
Einoma--A Floti--Milli Tonverka (Vertical Form)
Korber-Müller-Steinbrüchel--def rm--Momentan_def--(Cut)


Criterion & Doily--Guidance Is Internal & Wet Pain--S/T (Broklyn Beats)
Iso68 vs Diesel Powered Systems--Zwei Engel Korrigiert Mix--Here/There 
Played By (Hausmusik)
Tod Dockstader--#8--8 Electronic Pieces (Locust Music)
Chris Carter--Clouds--The Space Between (Mute)
Korber-Muller-Steinbruchel--def rmx--momentan def (cut)
Einoma--Eindir--Milli Tonverka (Vertical Form)
Old Bombs--audio 2--Audios (Soft Abuse)
Marcia Blane School for Girls--Miss Prism--V/A split 10" (Static 
Caravan/Expanding Records)
Freeform--Sticks--Prowl EP (Warp)
Hugh Le Caine--Sounds to Forget (Excerpt)--Compositions - 
Demonstrations 1946-1974 (JWD)
Matthew Dear--In Unbending--Leave Luck to Heaven (Ghostly 
Svalastog--Pine Solution--Money Will Ruin Everything compilation (Rune 
Charlotte Hug/Chantale Laplante--Matieres Agitees--Brilliant Days 
Oskar Sala--Largo--My Fascinating Instrument (Fax)
Vladimir Ussachevsky--Piece for Tape Recorder--Early 
Modulations/Vintage Volts compilation (Caipirinha)
YO3--Well Balanced Diet--Equanimity compilation (GPR)
Beans--Sickle Cell Hysteria--Tomorrow Right Now (Warp)