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Ulrich Krieger--Pendulum Music--Early American Minimalism: Walls Of Sound II--Sub Rosa
Keith Fullerton Whitman/Greg Davis--WNYU-FM Radio Session - New York USA - March 16th 2002--Yearlong--Carpark
BJ Nilsen--Grappa Polar--Fade To White--Touch
Thomas Koner--Polynya II--Nuuk--MillePlateauxMedia
Pellarin--Cotton Ball--Athen--Statler & Waldorf
Mikkel Metal--Eight--Close Selections--Echocord
Tobias Lilja--Averel--Ex-Leper--Nonresponse
AM/PM--The End (2)--The Ends I & II--Dreck 
Haco--Bugfield I "Start Up" - "Track Pad" With Human Operation 
(Powerbook G4)--Stereo Bugscope OO--Improvised Music From Japan
Deru--Noru--Trying To Remember--Merck


Fennesz--La Petite Chapell: Morning--Spire: Live In Geneval Cathedral St. Pierre comp.--Touch Tone
Alog--Steady Jogging Of The Heart--Miniatures--Rune Grammofon C-Schulz--Flim 1--5.Flicker Tunes--Sonig
Alva Noto--Autoshape--Transspray--Raster-Noton
Anthony Rother--Art Is A Technology Part I--Art Is A Technology--Stahl Industries
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa--Heilir, Thorn Eirs Hlyddu--Vikinga Brennivin--The Helen Scarsdale Agency 
Gunter Muller & Steinbruchel--Paris--Perspectives--List-en
Piers White--Waxing Sentimental--Piers White--Ache
Andreas Tilliander--MPC Muscle--World Industries--Resopal Schallware


Resina--Muscnia--Opinio Omnium--Mousike Lab
Quinoline Yellow--Sheep Dip--Doll-Boy Assist--Skam
Tobias Lilja--Spetaelska (Loess Mix)--Ex-Leper--Non Response
Thomas Koner--Amrag--Nuuk--Mille Plateaux
Alva Noto--Pulse (XS Version)--Transrapid EP--Raster-Noton
BJ Nilsen--Nine Ways Till Sunday--Fade To White--Touch
AM/PM--The End (I)--The Ends I & II--Dreck
Mirror--Untitled (track 1)--Nightwalkers--Robot
Mark Fell--Dissociation--Ten Types Of Elsewhere--Line
Bitstream--Come & Play With Us--Domestic Economy 7--Modern Love
SubtractiveLAD--Neo Stasis--Giving Up The Ghost--N5MD
Mikkel Metal--Noff--Close Selections--Echocord


Pellarin--Preliminary Outline--Athen--Statler & Waldorf
Jack Dangers--Track 4--Loudness Clarifies/Electronic Music From Tapelab--Important
DJ Koze--Hummell--Pop Ambient 2005 comp.--Kompakt
Fred Szymanski/Laminar--Flume--An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music/Third-A-Chronology 1952-2004 comp.--Sub Rosa
Haco--Motor And LCD Sound From Digital Audio Recorder With Running Tape--Stereo Bugscope 00--Improvised Music From Japan
Martin Tetreault/Otomo Yoshihide--Grenoble No. 3/Le 102 29.04.03--1. Grrr--Ambiances Magnetiques
In Potentia--Que Object--Plastic Archetype--Holler
Alva Noto--Postfabric--Transvision EP--Raster-Noton
Oliver Hacke--9--Subject Carrier--Trapez


Special Guests: Morton Subotnick and Joel Chadabe

Morton Subotnick--Until Spring (Side Two) (excerpt)--Volume 2: Electronic Works--Mode
Morton Subotnick--Gestures: It Begins With Colors (excerpt)--Volume 1: Electronic Works--Mode
Alva-Noto--Funkbugfx--Transrapid EP--Raster-Noton
BJ Nilsen--Purple Phase--Fade To White--Touch
Pita--Resog 45--Get Off--Hapna
Mikkel Metal--Ezla--Close Selections--Echocord
eRikm & Fennesz--Concert Donaueschingen Pt. 3--Complementary Contrasts Donaueschingen 2003--hatOLOGY
Thomas Fehlmann--Springer--Lowflow--Plug Research


Marsen Jules--Aile D'Aigle--Herbstlaub--City Centre Offices
Christian Fennesz/Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide/Peter Rehberg--Live On WDR May 6, 2004--S/T--Erstwhile
Mountains--Paper Windmill--S/T--Apestaartje
Greg Davis--Deterior--Diaphonous 12"--Lux Nigra
Bola--Pfane Pt. 1--Gnayse--Skam
Alva Noto--10--Transvision EP--Raster-Noton
Jack Dangers--Track 10--Loudness Clarifies/Electronic Music From Tapelab--Important
Kilo--Fenster Zum Disko Zimmer--Augarten--Onitor
Oliver Hacke--5--Subject Carrier--Trapez
Bitstream--Bass Lobe--Domestic Economy 7--Modern Love


Gas--Pop--Pop Ambient 2005 comp.--Kompakt
Tobias Lilja--Traffic--Ex-Leper--Nonresponse
Resina--Jenin Bophal--Opinioomnium--Mousike Lab
Mark Fell--Storage--Ten Types Of Elsewhere--Line
BJ Nilsen--Let Me Know When It's Over--Fade To White--Touch
William Basinski--Variation V (excerpt)--Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive--Durtro
Asmus Tietchens--Teilmenge 35 C--An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music/Third-A-Chronology 1952-2004 comp.--Sub Rosa
Alva Noto--Future--Transrapid EP--Raster-Noton
DACM--LN Start--Stereotypie--Asphodel
Jorge Peixinho--Elegia A Amilcar Cabral--Antologia De Musica 
Electronica Portuguesa comp.--Tomlab/Plancton Music
Haco--Bugfield 3: "CD Writing" - "Shut Down" With Human Operation (Powerbook G4)--Stereo Bugscope--Improvised Music From Japan
Zorn--All We Can Do Is Enjoy The Ride--All We Can Do Is Enjoy The Ride--Lux Nigra


Mokira--Scandanavian Rules--Fft Pop--Cubicfabric
Kilo--Fenster Zum Diskozimmer--Augarten--Onitor
Mountains--Blown Glass Typewriter--Mountains--Apestaartje
Triola--Neuland--Im Funftonraum--Kompakt
Martin Tetreault/Otomo Yoshihide--Orleans No. 3/Astrolabe--1. 
Grrr---Ambiances Magnetiques
Atelia--F.T.P.--Swimming Against The Moments--Antiopic
Populous--The Green Guitars--Condominium comp.--Mousike Lab
Danzen Jetzt--Alles Will Los 2 12"--Zeitgeil--Klangkrieg Produktionen
Markus Schneider--Turn--On Peter Roer comp.--Whatness
Hrvatski--Untitled (Track 32+)--Irrevocably Overdriven Beat Freakout Megamix--Entschuldigen
Brendon Anderegg--The Open--Falling Air--Psych-O-Path
Ricardo Villalobos--Remenarc 2--The Au Harem D'Archimede--Perlon
Jan Jelinek--Western Mimikry--But Then Again comp.--~Scape
Pita--Like Watching Shit On A Shelf--Get Off--Hapna


Oliver Hacke--A2--Subject Carrier--Trapez
BJ Nilsen--Impossibilidad--Fade To White--Touch
DACM--LN End--Stereotypie--Asphodel
Mark Fell--Commuting--Ten Types Of Elsewhere--Line
Andrew Thomas--Hushhh--Hushhh 12"--Kompakt
Mondii--Loif--Condominium comp.--Mousike Lab
Retina.it--Zucchini Alla Scapece--Immediate Action #009 12"--Hefty
Greg Davis--Swell--Diaphonous 12"--Lux Nigra
William Basinski--Silent Night (excerpt)--Silent Night--Musex International
Robert Henke--Signal To Noise II--Signal To Noise--Imbalance Computer Music
Shuttle358--Dead Leaves--Chessa--12K
eRikm & Fennesz--Concert Donaueschingen Part 2 (excerpt)--Complementary 
Contrasts Donaueschingen 2003--hatOLOGY
Sten--Tea Towel--Leaving The Frantic--Dial