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Fire Corner Sound System #216 -December 3, 2004
1. King Stitt- “Fire Corner”  New Beat  7”
2. Ken Boothe- “Freedom Street,” “The King Kong Compilation”  Mango  LP
3. Susan Cadogan- “Hurts So Good (Extended),” “12” Box Set”  Trojan  CD
4. Jr. Byles- “A Place Called Africa ,” “Curly Locks”  Heartbeat  CD
5. Ethiopians- “No Baptism,” “Riding the Musical Chariot”  Heartbeat  CD
6. Heptones- “Hypocrite,” “The Meaning of Life”  Trojan  CD
7. Freddie McKay- “Rock-A-Bye Woman,” “12” Box Set”  Trojan  CD
8. Dennis Brown- “Tribulation,” “Deep Down w/ Dennis Brown”  Observer  LP
9. Dillinger- “You Me Love”  Black & White  7”
10. Jah Lion- “Dread Ina Jamdong,” “ Columbia Collie”  Upsetter  LP
11. Jr. Dan- “Give Thanks & Praise”  Honest Jon’s  10”
12. Jah Skerta- “I Who Have Nothing,” “Jah Son Invasion”  Wackie’s  LP
13. Love Joys- “Wherever Jah Send Me,” “Reggae Vibes”  Wackie’s  LP
14. Big Youth- “Fire Burn,” “Blood & Fire 1971-2”  Trojan  LP
15. Horace Andy- “Love Is the Light”  Techniques  7”
16. Light of Saba- “Sound,” “The Magical Light of Saba”  Honest Jon’s  LP
17. Burning Spear- “Marcus Senior,” “Social Living”  Blood & Fire  LP
18. Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics- “Next Stage (Version 2)”  Channel One [ UK ]  7”
19. Revolutionaries- “Love Dub,” “Channel One Revisited Dub”  Top Beat  LP
20. John Brown- “Easy Dreadlocks,” “Atra 10 Track”  Atra  LP
21. Tappa Zukie- “Gather Them,” “Black Man”  Tappa  LP
22. Cultural Ites- “Devil Ites Version”  Penthouse  7”
23. Revolutionaries- “Children of Babylon Version”  Channel One [ UK ]  7”
24. Ring Craft Posse- “Passage Fort,” “ St. Catherine’s In Dub”  Moll-Selekta  LP
25. King Tubby- “African Roots,” “The Roots of Dub & Dub From the Roots” Moll-Selekta  LP
26. Twilight Circus- “Achou,” “Dub From the Secret Vaults”  ROIR  CD
27. Niney- “Cutting Sword”  PK  10”
28. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” “One Truth”  LP  


Fire Corner Sound System #217 -December 10, 2004
1. Brent Dowe- “Down Here In Babylon ,” “Baffling Smoke Signal”  Heartbeat  CD
2. Gregory Isaacs- “Mr. Cop,” “Gregory Isaacs: Gold”  Jet Star  CD
3. Shuamark & Robinson- “Peace & Love,” “Lost Treasures of the Ark ”  Jet Star CD
4. Upsetters- “Much Smarter Dub,” “Arkology”  Mango  CD
5. Jah Lion- “Soldier & Police War,” “ Columbia Collie”  Upsetter  LP
6. Wayne Jarrett- “Live and Love”  Wackie’s  10”
7. Augustus Pablo- “Jah Say Dub,” “Rockers Meets King Tubby Ina Firehouse”  Yard Music  LP
8. Hugh Mundell- “ Africa Must Be Free,” “ Africa Must Be Free”  Message  LP
9. Prince Alla & the Spears- “Bosrah”  Stars  7”
10. Bluebells- “Come Along,” “Rastafari Liveth Itinually”  Justice League  LP
11. Jr. Byles- “Curly Locks”  Upsetter  7”
12. Horace Andy- “Something On My Mind,” “Just Say Who”  Clocktower  LP
13. Dillinger- “Cup of Tea”  Scandal Bag  7”
14. Willie Williams- “Unity”  Belleville Hill  7”
15. Fred Locks- “Walls,” “Black Star Liner”  Reggae Bloodlines  LP
16. Israel Vibration- “Weep & Mourn,” “The Same Song”  Top Ranking  LP
17. Little Roy- “Hurt Not the Earth,” “Packin’ House”  Pressure Sounds  LP
18. Bob Marley & the Wailers- “Talkin’ Blues,” “Talkin’ Blues”  Tuff Gong  LP
19. L. Crosdale- “Set Me Free,” “Studio One: Roots”  Studio One [ UK ]  LP
20. Viceroys & Tommy McCook- “Slogan On the Wall,” “Nice Up the Dance” Heartbeat  CD
21. Jay Tees- “Bucktown Corner,” “Feel Like Jumping”  Heartbeat  CD
22. Prince Jazzbo- “Pepper Rock,” “Studio One DJ’s”  Studio One  CD
23. U-Roy- “Everybody Bawling,” “Super Boss”  Culture Press CD
24. Techniques- “Travelling Man,” “Run Come Celebrate”  Heartbeat  CD
25. Tommy McCook & the Supersonics- “Sweet Lorna,” “Run Rhythm Run”  Heartbeat CD
26. Val Bennett- “The Russians Are Coming,” “Instrumentals Box Set”  Trojan  CD
27. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” “One Truth”  LP  


Fire Corner Sound System #218 -December 17, 2004
1. Gregory Isaacs- “Lonely Soldier,” “Gold”  Jet Star  CD
2. Dennis Brown- “Things In Life,” “Lloyd Daley’s Matador Productions” Heartbeat  CD
3. Ethiopians- “Hail Rasta Brother, Hail,” “History of Trojan Records v. 2” Trojan  CD
4. Heptones- “Jah Bless the Children,” “Deep In the Roots”  Heartbeat  CD
5. Jack Ruby- “Time Hard,” “Black Foundation In Dub”  Heartbeat  CD
6. Culture- “I’m Not Ashamed,” “Two Sevens Clash”  Joe Gibbs  LP
7. Cornell Campbell- “Two-Faced Rasta”  Attack Gold  10”
8. King Tubby- “Iyahta,” “The Roots of Dub & Dub From the Roots”  Moll-Selekta LP
9. I- Roy - “Double Warning”  Fe-Me-Time  7”
10. Prince Far-I & the Arabs- “The Visitor,” “Cry Tuff Dub Encounter: Chapter One”  Pressure Sounds  LP
11. Jah Lion- “Sata,” “ Columbia Collie”  Upsetter  LP
12. Upsetters- “Dread Lion,” “Super Ape”  Upsetter  LP
13. Wackie’s- “Judgement Rock,” “Nature’s Dub”  Wackie’s  LP
14. John Clark- “We Need Some Solution”  Wackie’s  7”
15. Clifton Campbell- “New Civilization”  Freedom Sounds [ UK ]  7”
16. Meditations- “Standing On the Corner”  Hitbound!  7”
17. More Relation- “The Light”  MR  7”
18. Aswad- “Back to Africa ,” “Aswad”  Mango  LP
19. Keith Rowe- “Groovy Situation,” “Arkology”  Mango  CD
20. Horace Andy- “Girl I Love You,” “Hitbound!”  Heartbeat  CD
21. Twinkle Brothers- “Since I Throw the Comb Away”  Twinkle  7”
22. Augustus Pablo- “Hot & Cold Version”  Black Art  7”
23. Errol Dunkley- “Movie Star,” “Darling Ooh”  Attack  LP
24. Israel Vibration- “The Prophet Has Arise,” “The Same Song”  Top Ranking  LP
25. Sugar Minott- “The People Got To Know,” “History of Trojan Records v. 2” Trojan  CD
26. Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus- “Give Love,” “Rastafari Dub”  ROIR  CD
27. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” “One Truth”  LP


Fire Corner Sound System #219 -December 24, 2004

DJ Daniel held things down for the holidays.  E-mail Sir Wilson at firecornersounds @ with further questions about his playlist

1. Yabby You "Man of the Living"
2. Hopeton Lewis "Cool Collie"
3. Real Clint Eastwood Move Your Foot"
4. Max Romeo "Tacko"
5. Keith Hudson "Healing Up The Land"
6. Linton Kwesi Johnson "Five Nights of Bleeding"
7. Wayne Jarrett "Every Tongue Shall Tell"
8. Burning Spear "Foggy Road"
9. Ken Boothe " I'm not for Sale "
10. Norma White & Brentford Disco Set "I Want Your Love" (version)
11. Santic "One Heavy Duba"
12. Glenn Brown + King Tubby "Melodica International" (extended mix)
13. Gladiators "Let Jah Be Praised"
14. The Abyssinians "Jason Whyte"
15. Barry Brown "Rich Man, Poor Man"
16. Big Youth "All Nations Bow"
17. Prince Far I "Clean Hands Pure Heart"
18. Junior Delgado "Kidnapped on a Subway"
19. Sylford Walker + Welton Irie "Eternal Day" (extended)
20. Scientist "Something on my Mind dub"
21. I Roy meets Dillinger "Too Much Sorrow"
22. Errol Dunkley "A Little Way Different" (D. Bovell mix)


Fire Corner Sound System #220 -December 31, 2004
1. Black Crucial- “Ginalship,” “Wanted”  Makasound  CD
2. Barrington Levy- “Look Youthman,” “Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979-82” Greensleeves CD
3. Gregory Isaacs- “Material Man,” “Night Nurse”  Mango  CD
4. Hugh Mundell- “Rastafari’s Call,” “Black Foundation”  Shanachie  CD
5. Peter Broggs- “Never Forget Jah,” “Never Forget Jah”  Motion  CD
6. Delton Screechie- “Living In the Ghetto,” “Screechie & Kojak”  Silver Kamel CD
7. Eek-A-Mouse- “There’s A Girl In My Life,” “Wa Do Dem”  Greensleeves  LP
8. Toyan- “How the West Was Won,” “How the West Was Won”  Volcano  LP
9. Josie Wales- “Woola Woop”  Volcano  7”
10. Jah Thomas- “Entertainment Dub”  Midnight Rock  7”
11. Wayne Jarrett- “Why Must Babylon ,” “Chip In”  Thompson Sounds  LP
12. Triston Palma- “Fussing & Fighting”  Ranking Joe  7”
13. Lloyd Robinson- “Cuss Cuss,” “Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One” Heartbeat  LP
14. The Sharkes- “Music Answer,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
15. Jackie Mittoo- “Hang ‘Em High,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
16. The Marvels- “Rock Steady,” “100% Dynamite”  Soul Jazz  LP
17. Lone Ranger- “The Answer”  Studio One  12”
18. Johnny Clarke- “None Shall Escape the Judgment,” “Sings In Fine Style” Clocktower  LP
19. Horace Andy- “Skylarking,” “Skylarking”  Studio One  LP
20. Prince Jazzbo- “Crabwalking,” “Studio One Rockers”  Soul Jazz  LP
21. Michigan & Smiley- “Rub-A-Dub Style”  Studio One  7”
22. Jah Jesco- “Warning,” “Studio One D.J.’s”  Soul Jazz  LP
23. Prince Francis- “Rockfort Shock,” “Studio One D.J.’s”  Soul Jazz  LP
24. Johnny Osbourne- “We Need Love,” “Truth & Rights”  Studio One  LP
25. Devon Russell- “You Found Heaven,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
26. Ska-Talites- “Shocker’s Hop,” “Studio One Scorcher”  Soul Jazz  LP
27. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” “One Truth”  LP


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