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Fire Corner Sound System #224 -February 4, 2005
1. Gregory Isaacs- “The Village,” “Sound System Rockers: Kingston Town 1969-1975” Kingston Sounds  CD
2. U-Roy- “Higher the Mountain,” “History of Trojan Records v. 2”  Trojan  CD
3. Maytones- “All Over the World, People Are Changing,” “Their Greatest Hits” Heartbeat  CD
4. Delroy Denton & the Silvertones- “Sufferer’s Choice,” “The Reggae Train” Heartbeat  CD
5. I- Roy - “Repatriation Is A Must,” “Touting I-Self”  Heartbeat  CD
6. The Now Generation- “Musical Drum Sound,” “Nyabinghi Box Set”  Trojan  CD
7. Ronnie Davis- “Got To Go Home,” “ A Place Called Africa ”  Trojan  CD
8. Culture- “This Train (12” Mix),” “The Reggae Train”  Heartbeat  CD
9. Sly & Robbie- “Jump Up Dub,” “Ranking Dread In Dub”  Silver Kamel  CD
10. Wackie’s Rhythm Force- “Mozambique Trial,” “African Roots Act v. 1” Wackie’s  LP
11. Revolutionaries- “CB 200 Version,” “ Maxfield Ave. Breakdown”  Pressure Sounds  LP
12. New Breed Band- “Kicking Scott,” “Nature’s Dub”  Wackie’s  LP
13. Wackie’s Rhythm Force- “Jah Jah’s Call,” “Creation Dub”  Wackie’s  LP
14. The Solid Foundation- “Look Out For the Devil Versio”  Honest Jon’s  10”
15. C.B. Allstars- “ Mountain View Dub Wise”  Impact!  7”
16. Augustus Pablo & Impact Allstars- “Lover’s Mood,” “This Is...”  Above Rock LP
17. Dillinger & Clive- “Braces A Boy”  Rockers  7”
18. Hugh Mundell- “Ital Sip,” “ Africa Must Be Free By 1983”  Message  LP
19. Bullwackie’s Allstars- “Jah Nation Dub,” “Nature’s Dub”  Wackie’s  LP
20. Brentford Road Allstars- “Last Call,” “Studio One Scorcher”  Soul Jazz  LP
21. Glen Adams & the Slackers- “Schooling the Youth”  Select Cuts  12”
22. 10 Foot Ganja Plant- “Two Bulls,” “ Hillside Airstrip”  ROIR  LP
23. Mossman- “Yin Tin Tin,” “Mossman vs. the World Bank”  Dispensation  CD
24. Vic Rice- “Damage,” “ Version City ”  Stubborn  CD
25. Dry & Heavy- “Dub the Bong Around,” “One Punch”  Green Tea  CD
26. Little John- “Give Jah All the Praise,” “Darker Roots”  Antifaz  CD
27. St. Germain- “La Goutte D’or,” “Tourist”  Blue Note  CD


Fire Corner Sound System #225 -February 11, 2005
1. U-Brown- “Live As One,” “ Zion Train”  Blood & Fire  CD
2. Horace Andy- “ Zion ’s Gate (12” Mix)”  Wackie’s  12” (CD-R)
3. Yabby You- “Stand Up & Fight,” “Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown At King Tubby’s”  Kingston Sounds  CD
4. Mighty Threes- “Sata (version 2),” “Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand” Makasound  CD
5. Prince Far-I- “Ejarsa Gora,” “Bushyard Telegraph”  Tamoki-Wambesi  CD
6. Count Ossie- “Blacker Black,” “Nyabinghi Box Set”  Trojan  CD
7. Tommy McCook- “Revenge,” “Jesus Dread”  Blood & Fire  CD
8. Linval Thompson- “Dangerous Position,” “Rocking Vibration”  Makasound  CD
9. Barry Brown- “No Wicked Shall Enter (Extended),” “Jah Love Rockers”  Trojan CD
10. King Tubby- “A Harder Version,” “...At the Controls”  Trojan  CD
11. Prince Jammy- “Step It Up In Dub,” “X-Ray Music”  Blood & Fire  CD
12. Dillinger- “African Roots Rock Reggae,” “ A Place Called Africa ”  Trojan  CD
13. Joy White- “It Dread Out Deh,” “Holding Up Half the Sky: Women In Reggae, Roots Daughters”  Shanachie  CD
14. Pablo Moses- “Give I Fe I Name,” “Revolutionary Dream”  Shanachie  CD
15. Lloyd Williams- “Reggae Feet,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
16. Dub Specialist- “ Kampala ,” “African Rub-A-Dub”  Studio One  LP
17. The Observers- “Zorro”  PK  10”
18. Barry Wait & Ltd.- “Funky Sting pt. 1,” “Out On A Funky Trip”  Motion  LP
19. Aggrovators- “Jah Jah In Deh Dub,” “Rasta Dub ‘76”  Attack  LP
20. Aggrovators- “The Height of Dub,” “King Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station”  Attack  LP
21. Jimmy Riley- “From the Ghetto,” “Clocktower Classics”  Clocktower  LP
22. Aggrovators- “Ghetto Version”  Clocktower  7”
23. Trinity- “Tradition,” “ Shanty Town Determination”  Blood & Fire/Simply Vinyl LP
24. Dicky Barton- “God Is Watching You”  Vivian Jackson  7”
25. King Tubby- “ Jerusalem Version”  Vivian Jackson  7”
26. Tommy McCook- “Lamb’s Bread,” “Blazing Horns/Tenor In Roots”  Blood & Fire CD
27. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” “One Truth”  LP


Fire Corner Sound System #226 -February 18, 2005
1. Dadawah- “ Zion Land ,” “Nyabinghi Box Set”  Trojan  CD
2. Jack Ruby & the Black Disciples- “Free Rhodesia ,” “Black Foundation” Heartbeat  CD
3. Black Uhuru- “Sun Is Shining,” “Hitbound!”  Heartbeat  CD
4. Bob Marley & the Wailers- “Natural Mystic,” “Natural Mystic”  Island/Tuff Gong  CD
5. Jackie Mittoo- “Drum Song,” “Champion Of the Arena”  Blood & Fire  CD
6. Dennis Brown- “ Africa ,” “Some Like It Hot”  Heartbeat  CD
7. Ronnie Davis- “False Leaders,” “Rastafari Box Set”  Trojan  CD
8. Earth & Stone- “False Rulers,” “Kool Roots”  Pressure Sounds  LP
9. The Mighty Two- “War,” “No Bones For the Dogs”  Pressure Sounds  LP
10. Augustus Pablo & King Tubby- “Forever Dub,” “Rod of Correction Showcase” Abraham LP
11. Unity- “MSI @ the Tor 3,” “Dub of the 70’s”  Atra  LP
12. Johnny Osbourne- “Danger In Your Eyes,” “Glory, Dominion, Power, Majesty: Half Moon Productions”  P.K.  LP
13. Junior Byles- “Fade Away”  Joe Fraser  7”
14. Abyssinians- “Prophesy”  Clinch  7”
15. Michael Rose- “Freedom”  Observer  7”
16. Donald Duffus- “Money Money”  Moodie Music  7”
17. Congos- “Days Chasing Days”  Kotoko  7”
18. Errol Dunkley- “Love Is A Wonderful Thing,” “Just hte Vibes”  Moll-Selekta LP
19. Lovejoys- “Stranger,” “Lover’s Rock”  Wackie’s  LP
20. I-Roy- “Red, Gold, & Green”  Soul Beat  7”
21. Family Man & Distant Drum- “Foot of the Mountain Version”  Impact!  7”
22. Light of Saba- “Outcry”  Honest Jon’s  12”
23. Linval Thompson- “More Power ” Thompson Sounds  12”
24. Vallin Miller- “People No Want No War,” “Wanted”  Makasound  CD
25. Mystic Revelation of Rastafari- “Peace & Love,” One Truth”  LP


Fire Corner Sound System #227 -February 25, 2005
1. John Clarke- “Recession,” “Reggae Goodies v. 1 & 2”  Wackie’s  CD
2. Bright Wynter- “Words of Fire,” “Wanted”  Makasound  CD
3. Black Survivors- “Come Away Jah Jah Children,” “Black Foundation”  Heartbeat CD
4. King Tubby- “Jah Jah Dub,” “Black Foundation In Dub”  Heartbeat  CD
5. Wayne Jarrett- “African Woman,” “Reggae Goodies v. 1 & 2”  Wackie’s  CD
6. Observers- “Organ Satta,” “Head Shot”  Heartbeat  CD
7. Keylene Beckford- “Tumbling Down,” “Observation Station”  Heartbeat  CD
8. Leroy Smart- “Mr. Richman,” “Rock On”  Heartbeat  CD
9. The Sharkes- “Music Answer,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
10. Cedric Brooks- “Theme From Shaft,” “Studio One Funk”  Soul Jazz  LP
11. Generation Gap- “War,” “Out On A Funky Trip”  Motion  LP
12. Dave & Ansel- “Double Barrel”  Big Tree  7”
13. Toots & the Maytals- “54-46 Was My Number,” “Pressure Drop”  Trojan  LP
14. Horace Andy- “Mr. Bassie,” “Nice Up the Dance”  Heartbeat  LP
15. Jah Scotchie- “Man of Creation,” “Studio One DJ’s”  Soul Jazz  LP
16. Phil Pratt- “Strange Mood”  Sunshot  7”
17. Roots Underground- “Tribesman Assault,” “Tribesman Assault”  Wackie’s  LP
18. K.C. White- “Selassie,” “Reggae Goodies v. 1 & 2”  Wackie’s  CD
19. Mickey Jarrett- “Ah Yuh”  Wackie’s  7”
20. Freddie McGregor- “Revolutionist”  High Times  7”
21. Bob Marley & the Wailers- “ Zimbabwe ,” “Survival”  Tuff Gong  LP
22. Kiddus I- “Graduation In Zion ,” “Rockers: O.S.T.”  Island  LP
23.Mighty Diamonds- “4,000 Years,” “Calling Rastafari”  Nighthawk  LP
24. Rod Taylor- “Run Run,” “Ethiopian Kings”  Patate  LP
25. Wackie’s Rhythm Force- “Serious Thing Version,” “Dancehall Style Extraversion”  Wackie’s  CD-R
26. Augustus Pablo- “Memories of the Ghetto Dub,” “East of the River Nile ” Shanachie  CD
27. Augustus Pablo- “Black Ants Lane Dub,” “Dub, Roots, & Reggae From the Melodica King”  Ocho  LP
28. Augustus Pablo- “Meditation Dub,” “Dub, Roots, & Reggae From the Melodica King”  Ocho  LP
29. Colder- “One Night In Tokyo ,” “Wild Dub: Dread Meets Disco Punkrockers Downtown”  Echo Beach  CD


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