Chart for April 28, 2008


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(heard live on the Internet, and as the audio for WNYU-TV's campus info channel daily 2pm-4pm)

Compiled by: Sam Khan (charts @


1.       These Are Powers Taro Tarot EP (Hoss)

2.       Boris Smile (Southern Lord)

3.       Religious Knives (Resin)

4.       Blues Control puff (Fusetron)

5.       Silje Nes Ames Room (Fat Cat)

6.       Cloudland Canyon Lie in Light (Kranky)

7.       Toumast Ishumar (Real World)

8.       Brown Wing Overdrive We Have Issues (Living Myth)

9.       Jack Rose Dr. Ragtime and Pals (Beautiful Happiness)

10.   Skyphone Avellaneda (Rune Grammofon)

11.   Richard Swift Onasis II (Secretly Canadian)

12.   Bardo Pond Batholith (Three Lobed)

13.   Animal Collective Water Curses EP (Domino)

14.   Excepter Debt Dept. (Paw Tracks)

15.   No Age Nouns (Sub Pop)


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