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From the inner back cover:


"Goodbye Cruel World" by Daniel Johnston © 2002
Portions of "We'll See About This" by Daniel Johnston © 2002

THANKS Katya Fisher, Jocelyn Gonzales, Andy K. and Susan B. at Sub Pop, Paul Costuros, Bob Israel, Jake Glanz, Lynne McVeigh, the WNYU Radio Board, and the New York University Board of Trustees.

Thanks to Bryan, Mark and Keith at InterMountain Color for the patience and support. www.imcprint.com.
Thanks to Andrew Roth for Devendra's Drawings. www.andrewroth.com


Although he's been writing songs since childhood, Daniel Johnston emerged publicly with his first cassette in 1981 at age twenty and proceeded to release a series of self-made and self-distributed cassettes including "Songs of Pain","Yip/Jump Music" and "Hi, How are You?". Since then he has written countless classic songs such as "Walking The Cow" "Speeding Motorcycle" "Casper The Friendly Ghost" "Funeral Girl" "Love Not Dead" and released many more albums including his latest, "Fear Yourself" on Gammon Records. Daniel Johnston is much loved in the music community and many of his fans, including Tom Waits, TV on the Radio, Vic Chesnutt, and Mercury Rev, participated in a recent tribute album called "The Late Great Daniel Johnston - Discovered, Covered" also on Gammon. Daniel has been drawing even longer than he's been writings songs. His drawings are poignant, haunt- ing, and funny and, like his songs, manage to raise universal questions on a very human scale. A new film directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, "The Devil and Daniel Johnston", will be screening at the Museum of Modern Art on March 30th and April 1st. For more info on Daniel Johnston: www.rejectedunknown.com - www.museumoflove.com - www.worriedshoes.com

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Thanks to Neckface for the WNYU logos found on the front cover, back cover, and table of contents. Thanks to Robin Willis for the Static cover logo and the features illustrations. Thanks to Daniel Johnston and Don Goede for letting us use the cover drawings. DON GOEDE is part owner of Soft Skull Press and runs its art imprint, Shortwave. He has also managed Daniel Johnston and been Daniel's band member in Hyperjinx Tricycle. Don is currently masterminding the launch of a national alternative publication called Toilet Paper. For more info on Don: www.toiletpaperonline.com

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